Our story begins in 1980. Peter Moe, an iconic figure on the interior design landscape at the time, started selling Westinghouse furniture to his growing number of large corporate end user design clients under the name of Interior Office Systems. By 1987 he had decided that office furniture sales was not exactly his thing and longed to get back to interior space and some high-end furniture design.

Enter Ed Sanman, Larry DeMarco and me, Chris Corrado. We were affectionately known as the "Three Amigos" and our postcard announcements and invitations became the most highly anticipated piece of mail each year within the A & D community (next to a tax refund). In 1988 Corporate Environments emerged and operated for the next 21 years as the flagship Knoll distributor in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Today, as evolution continues to shape our company (and with me as the sole owner), we have re-named the company Environments. It is an acknowledgement that we deal with any life setting that requires not only furniture, but also the growing demand for modular architectural products that set the foundations and boundaries for nurturing work, play, learning and healing environments.

We are committed to creating inspired spaces for a new era of workplace dynamics that are bringing dramatic changes to the way people work. We draw on the latest research, technology, materials and products innovations when exploring solutions. Research indicates that attracting and retaining the brightest and most inspired workforce has as much to do with the physical surroundings of the workplace as it does with any other consideration. This coincides with a growing awareness among HR professionals of how an inspiring interior workspace can effect employee engagement and productivity. The end results are improved morale, lower turnover and spontaneous collaboration, to name a few. This realization is forcing companies to not only consider their environmental impact, but the impact of their environment.

Environments makes an honest effort to practice everything we preach. We value our people above all and we take a fun, creative and caring approach to our customer focused business processes. We act as though, and trust, that our performance must speak for itself.

Try our story sometime. We look forward to working with you.

Chris Corrado, President