Sustainably Built Interior Environments use Movable Walls in Portland and throughout Oregon

Our home in the Pacific Northwest is a ground zero for new ways of thinking about sustainable living, working and making things. We've seen the writing on the wall, and it says this is important-now. That's why we've instituted many practices to significantly improve the sustainability of our company. This means a lot of things: giving back to our community; providing our employees with a good living and professional fulfillment; reducing the carbon footprint of our own operation (30% in just one year); and staying abreast of and representing the latest in environmentally friendly product designs such as movable walls. Portland & Oregon businesses are collaborating on making this change happen. Just think, using a full modular build out on an 18,000 s.f. space, you can eliminate 2,908 lbs of drywall from going to the landfill from initial build out. After the lease expires you eliminate 21,810 lbs of drywall from going to the landfill. This is sustainability. We believe a sustainable workspace solution should mean more than just recycled materials. It should reduce operating cost, support the people in the space, and eliminate waste. We support this by offering modular/reusable furniture, walls, floors and power. The logical approach is a holistic interior solution that can change with a customer, eliminating any waste to a landfill. In this vein, Knoll and DIRTT Environmental Solutions continue to lead the industry. Our commitment is practiced in several other ways:

We prefer manufacturing partners who are or who use:

We’ve even documented our own carbon footprint so we have a
baseline from which we can constantly strive to improve.

Design Approaches:

Our LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) accredited professionals use the latest research on the workspace and bring ideas and solutions to our customers. We encourage the use of modularity to eliminate any waste due to reconfiguration and the build-out of spaces. For example, by installing movable walls, Portland businesses and those throughout Oregon can easily modify their space, or add power and data anytime, anywhere, with people working in the space. No drywall dust or paint fumes to create a toxic environment. When we can, we encourage designing for daylight and views to connect people to the outdoors. To support the goal of a smaller real estate footprint we use the latest product designs to provide smaller workspaces increasing efficiency. In our planning process we use electronic tools to eliminate paper and transportation for meetings. With use of video-teleconferencing and web browsers we can bring the meeting to our customers anywhere.


Eliminating wasteful packaging is key, along with installing during daylight hours are a couple of ways to drive a sustainable installation. Working with our clients prior to installation we encourage recycling of any old furniture product, and assist them with the removal, recycling, or repurposing of existing "stuff". We try to make it easy to be green in every way. Whether it is blanket wrapping products or reducing your time to build out by installing movable walls, Portland and Oregon can depend on us to provide progressive solutions for the built environment.

We also have many manufacturing partners that are committed to sustainable
practices and furniture design/manufacturing. Included are: