Just as technology fuels innovation in all sectors of society, so does it in the way we conduct business and create best-in-class workspace solutions.

LifeSize Video Conferencing

At our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, we utilize the very latest in video conferencing technology. Trying to get a team of very busy players together to review ideas and make critical decisions can be like herding cats, especially with tight planning and build-out deadlines. Our multi-screen LifeSize video conferencing technology enables us to get multiple decision makers together, more frequently and conveniently. Not only can we see each other, but we can easily review documents, graphics and workspaces from the comfort of our respective offices. As a bonus, it helps reduce everyone's carbon footprint when we reduce the number of automobile trips it takes to conduct critical business.

ICE Digital Space Planning

Created by our manufacturing partner DIRTT, ICE state-of-the-art digital space planning technology allows us to instantly create real-time, interactive, 3D virtual environments, quotes, parts lists and manufacturing directions. In short, it's a life-saver for our architect and design partners. The benefits are numerous: we can explore design alternatives anytime with multiple layout concepts; communicate design vision graphically through instant elevations and renderings; and drastically reduce re-work time via automatic project updates with every modification.