Workplace Services, Design and Processes for Offices in Portland and throughout Oregon


The word "services" almost seems too mundane to describe all of the things we do to help bring workspaces to life. How about "things we really get excited about" or "core practices we're really, really good at?" You get the idea. The fact is, when you partner with Environments, you'll work with a team of passionate professionals who are here to enthusiastically support your company's vision and spur productivity, comfort, inspiration, and even a competitive advantage, through efficient office design. Portland and surrounding area businesses know we take a holistic view of the workplace and how it will support the changing needs of an organization. Designing with these changes in mind, we provide modular solutions that can lower operating costs, eliminate waste from the landfill, support a brand, foster creativity, and enhance productivity.


Moving toward sustainability means more than just having a compost bin; it also means that we apply methodology and are continually looking for ways to add value and reduce waste. Our team will embrace your challenge and apply their knowledge considering the latest market trends, research, understanding of LEED, and modular integrated interiors as we explore solutions in office design. Portland and businesses throughout Oregon can be assured of an inspired workspace delivered on time and on budget. Of course, it all starts with listening to you and understanding your goals, Our execution is driven by having defined processes and metrics and continually seeking feedback means that we can evolve with the demands of your workplace, improving customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Just a sample of other things we get really excited about:

Workspace Application
Product Specification
Product Maintenance
Warranty Support
Furniture Rental
Wood Touch-Up and Repair
Fabric Guarding
Asset and Inventory Management
Workplace Mapping
Inner Office Moves
Liquidation, Donation and/or Recycling