Meet Gina & Beth

Gina &

Brand builders
Relationship drivers
Workplace innovators

We’re business partners but it was a true friendship and shared passion for all things design that inspired us to create a new vision for Environments. Our shared vision revolves around project excellence and the customer experience. Champions of great work and a spirit of fearless creativity, Gina and Beth are known for their authentic, generous and optimistic approach to both design and life.

Our motto: Love what you do. And who you do it with.


When Gina started her career in customer service 20 years ago, it was a realization of a greater passion… A way for all spaces to reflect on the importance of people. At Environments, Gina is driven to deliver a quality dealer model that touches all aspects of the client experience. Gina’s passionate leadership fosters community and collaboration within Environments and the industry at large.

Gina’s philosophy on life:
Never settle
Be unique
Failure is part of the process


Beth leveraged her design degree and lifelong passion for creativity and organization as a strategic workplace designer at Gensler early in her career. Upon her move to Oregon, Beth shaped an opportunity to rethink the design process, product offerings, and client experience within the dealership arena at Environments. Beth’s focus remains leading the Environments team to deliver the highest level of workplace design solutions and project implementation.

Beth’s philosophy on life:
Be consistently your best
Never shy away from a challenge
Work hard – success is not an accident