About v2

It all starts with the right team.

With in-house design expertise, seasoned project managers, installation professionals, and a deep commitment to our clients, we know what it takes to optimize your real estate and create agile furniture solutions for today’s constantly evolving work environment.

Service is at our core
Rooted in workplace furniture expertise and our longstanding partnership with Knoll, Environments blends passion for design, technical proficiency, and world-class client service to deliver workplaces that help organizations achieve their goals.

We think bigger than furniture
When it comes to workspace design and what it can help our clients achieve, we think big. Beyond the furniture, fits, and finishes, we know the perfect space can shift company culture, boost productivity, and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Gina Zaharie, CEO and Beth Nist, VP Sales and Workplace Strategy

Meet Gina & Beth

Team Members

Gina Zaharie

Managing Director

Beth Nist

VP Sales and Workplace Strategy

Cathy Gerald


Aimee Giroux

Human Resources

Alanna Leslie

Account Manager

Davey Barnwell

Account Manager

Katrina Kok

Account Manager

Valerie Skille

Design Director

Brandi Lawrence


Jutta Brandon


Sarah Price
Sarah Price


Jackie Steinlicht

Project Coordinator

Jenni Embury

Project Coordinator

Stephanie Bartlett

Project Coordinator

Lee Posey


Kurt Dillman

Field Project Manager

Rob Valenzuela

Service Manager

Wade Dralle

Service Coordinator

Paul Green

Installation Lead